marți, 3 martie 2015

Love her but leave her wild

Love her for her art
for spoiling you
for her heartless actions
for her unstoppable laugh
for the moments when she's sad
for the times when she's thoughtful
for all her sacrifices
for when she's mad and acts weird
for her messy hair in the morning and perfect hairstyle when she's out
for her patience when you're moody
for when she's waiting for you home with food she has never cooked before
for a smile, for a giggle
for how she makes you feel jealous when other men are admiring her
for spending nights together watching theater scenes while you were reciting
for the inappropriate moments when she feels like writing
for the moments when she opens her heart crying in your arms
for her courage to sing around you even if she's not good at all at this
for her love for flowers even she doesn't receive them often
for her intuition
for working as a team
for her carefulness
for her willing and fear to paint again
for her desire that you are happy no matter how she is
for her respect towards things and people you love
for her power to support you when she herself is down
for her silence
for her madness
and joy

love her
when she can't fall asleep until your fever goes down
for the smile in her eyes when you're hugging her with love
for the long trips by car just listening to music
for her way of inhaling the smoke while driving
for how she changes her behaviour when she's wearing sunglasses
for her smooth skin
for the wild sex and long romantic nights of love
for the energy that has been born inside of you
for her tattoo and her next ones
when she's talking to herself; you're doing the same
when she needs to be protected
and approved
because she makes the best coffee you have ever drank
for surprising you
and forgiving you
for her love letters
and little notes in the morning
for remembering everything you have to do
and reminding you all the time
for respecting you
for her enthusiasm
for her passion for poppies
for being in her Pandora's secrets box
for loving you and
because she opened for you
and closed.

Leave her wild
not because she's too insane to change
not only because of that
but because she's a masterpiece that needs to be admired, not touched, not understood.

Love her but leave her wild, 
take her out from her shell 
you, fascinated human
but leave her so, like a wave, like a storm, to be your anchor and your shore. To be your completion and your reflection.

Love her, but leave her wild... let her be the sparkle in your eyes

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