marți, 27 ianuarie 2015

Dear young woman

Do you know what your problem is, young woman? That you feel. And most of your feelings are related to people.

People will not all the time give you back what they receive from you; sometimes if you are the sun in their lives they will turn out to be the clouds in your light summer day. This is how it is and you have to deal with it.

In the same time, when your view seems to be just in dark shades of grey there will appear somebody out of the blue who will prove you that what goes around comes around. Both good and bad things, so choose carefully on what side you want to find yourself at the end of the day.

People will stab you in the back when you are not paying attention and even when you are! This is how life teaches you lessons, unfortunately, by putting you in unimaginable though situations, without any "emergency exit". Been there, done that, you too as well.

I met people who brought back the sun in my life in some moments when I was drowning deeper and deeper with every second; I will probably never be able to be grateful enough for the help I have been given in those moments, everything I can do is to let go people who do not want to be in my life anymore or to take care of those who chose to stay. It is as easy as that to say and much more harder to do, but caring about some people should give us the strength to respect their choices.. should not it?

Being grateful and respectful is one things, being fooled for this is another story I would not get into details with just because I want to keep it a mystery, my dear readers. I am not used to directly address to you or to talk so open about personal experiences but in the same time I know for sure that many of you will see themselves between these lines.

But be brave. Dream big, risk, loose and win the lottery of your life! You know that saying, no pain, no gain, so in order to have your dream life you have to sacrifice, to face the reality and let it hit you really hard; actually you do not have to let it do this, it will do it anyway.

Thank you, friends, thank you acquaintances, thank you envious people, because I do not think I have real enemies. I will not say that thanks to you I am who I am today, far from it, but from you I have learned how not to be and how to achieve the level where I am now while working on a higher one for tomorrow.

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