joi, 11 decembrie 2014

Be grateful

So here is finally my first post in English :). My dear readers, as you probably already know, this is not a diary, so the style&tone will be as usual, my personal experiences combined with fiction, just few of you would be able to distinguish between them, the ones closest to my soul.

So yes, be grateful, as the title also says. Be grateful for being happy, for being depressed, for loving and not being loved in return, be grateful for those moments when the world seemed to end but it did not, be grateful that despite those hard periods, you are now reading this, as I was also able to write them.

Woman, be grateful for being "there" when he needed that; be grateful for feeling that beautiful emotion which boosted you to prepare every morning the breakfast and the lunch for school, to take care of him when he was sick, to keep your mouth shut in the moments when you should have talked, but you considered that it would have been a bad influence for that very moment. Be grateful even for the moments when you cried like hell, smoking cigarette after cigarette in the night, when the rest of the world was peacefully sleeping; only me and you will ever know about those moments. You should be grateful for the sweet loving nights, for the calmness and peace you were given when you needed it the most; be grateful even if missing that now seems like hell.

Do not live in memories, but let the gratefulness run through your veins, because now you should stand up on your own with your feet strongly fixed on the things that gave you reasons to be grateful. The strength comes not from pain, not from missing what made you feel alive, but from valuing that and taking advantage of it.

Man, you already know how grateful you should be for being loved with such a power; be proud of yourself for giving so much without expecting anything in return. It is true that you received some, maybe not enough, maybe too much, in these situations there is no standard balance, so it is up to you. But be grateful for being offered pure love, smiles and little gestures of affection and tenderness because even if you accept or not, they warmed up your inner ego, your soul and your stressed mind. Life for you maybe was not so easy and you learned how to deal with everything by yourself; be all your life sure that somebody will always be grateful to you for being beside her when the world suddenly turned upside-down.

I am grateful and I say this from all my heart.

I am thankful to my parents, who had the power to let me leave the place where I was born, the house where I was raised, trusting me that being so many kilometers away is the best choice, even if it is also the hardest.

I am grateful to the people I met here from the very first moment when I stepped on Danish ground; they know who they are, they know how they helped and supported me and I hope they are also conscious that I will never forget that. I tried and I am still trying my best to be for them at least a part from what they were and are for me even if this is not entirely up to my decision. You will always have a special place in my heart no matter what, because you will always be connected to the beginning of my new life here, in Denmark; hard or easy, it goes on.
I thank to amazing people who were beside me even if we have not talked for years or at all except for ordinary things. You know many things I do not even need to say here I have been through and I also hope you know how much I appreciate your words, your support and your efforts to cheer me up every damn time!

This might sound weird but I am also grateful to my "haters", who stimulated me sometimes to push my limits, to prove myself that I CAN, and even they do not have any real merits, they were also part of my evolution and person I am today.

Can you see that? So many reasons to be grateful, to appreciate people around you, even if they are still here or not. And I am so glad for having the opportunity to come here, to meet these people, to create bonds with them, to have them in my soul for the rest of my life.

Some people say that I will the most probable forget every help I received since I came here; well, this is never going to happen. I respect, love and care about those people no matter what would happen because starting a new life here was not as simple and "chill" as I expected, but they made it to seem easier to handle especially with them beside me.

People, be grateful in the moments when you feel like breaking down, remember the reasons why you are where you are and do not ever forget the people who helped you to reach that point. Even if in life it is recommended to stand up alone, always remember to keep in mind those persons who pushed you at your worst moments; and even if they might hurt you now or later, do not forget the moments when you were down and there was a hand who dragged you up again.

Thank you beautiful people for helping me to become who I am and even if now this is not my final shape, I can promise you that all your effort will be rewarded and I will not disappoint you.

Inspirational picture taken from Inspirations Bureau, the place from where I am taking most of my "starters" for writing. Enjoy!

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