marți, 19 ianuarie 2016


Lay sweet flowers down my skin
and warm whispers on my chin
with a glance of green cold eyes
close the lids of past dark days
tell me more about the bitterness of love
and the feelings that are still not gone
anywhere else than deeper down yourself
hiding on full of dust all broken shelves.

Sing me softly about your fears
running roughly down your chest
cuddle in my soul, little heart-shaped birdy nest;
in a foggy cloudy room
with one window to the moon
and the door towards the sky
choose a path and let me why.

Drown my face in hallucinating kisses
and do not ever wake me up from it
unless it is about giving me more 
of that storm of sweet soft glimpses
from your eyes still stuck on me
on each and every line 
of our sweet lovely melody.

Inhale the past and leave the rest
present is where you live the best;
let me take you down the path
of a new whole universe
close your eyes, forget yourself
I'll be there in times of need
even when your thoughts will bleed.

Listen close and fully-hearted
to the rhythm of uncharted.

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